Laying Hens


The two older reddish hens, the Buff Orpingtons, have started laying! Fran is getting one or two eggs a day regularly now. Sophia’s hen, Layla, the white Plymouth Rock, is a bit younger and hasn’t started laying yet.


Here’s Justin feeding them some chicken scratch.


Along with the excitement of finding an egg or two every day of our visit, we’re enjoying the spring grass covering the hill.

I also got a new pipe corral and a 50′ round pen where we can work the horses before riding them, so it’s starting to look more like a real horse operation.

Here are two views out by the corrals, looking toward our neighbor, Robert Poole’s, place. He’s known around the Redlands and Santa Monica farmers’ markets for his fine produce and his youngberries, in particular.



Now here’s a photo of me on Sophia’s buckskin Appy pony, Allie, and Justin on our sweet 25-year-old Arabian, Syri.