Two ‘Mod’ Coffee Cups

One of the nice sets of original dishes I still have is called Fairwood Flare (made in the late 50s and early 60s by Schönwald, a German company). We hardly ever used the plates, because my mom was saving them for company or for “someday.” The set is still in great shape.

I love the mod orange and yellow design now and find it very fresh. I have probably 6 of the dinner plates–I forgot to count–and the bread and butter plates.

Here’s a link to a vintage Fairwood Flare ad on ebay. I learned from the ad that they were marketing Fairwood Flare as a mix-and-match set, and now I realize that I also have the tall, slim pitcher you see in the ad–though ours is yellow! So yellow must have been another of the colors they made. Perhaps they introduced it after 1959, the year this ad was run.

With the set, I found just a single coffee cup and saucer. This was odd since my parents, being Seventh-day Adventists, didn’t even drink coffee. I’m guessing my mom bought one “just for looks.” When I found the cup, I was enchanted, because it’s the perfect size for what I call the “short, but meaningful” French-press coffee that I (long an ex-Adventist) make.

Maybe my mom had visions of drinking Postum, which we considered ‘vegetarian’ coffee, since it was “a cereal beverage.” Or maybe she imagined drinking decaf Sanka (considered a little edgy for Adventists to drink, back in the ’60s) as she sat in the living room with its white Italian silk drapes and reproduction Louis XV furniture.

Here is the cup we had

Flare cup

Flare cup

I decided it would be great to have another one for my husband, so I got on the internet and found an Etsy shop called Molly’s Ridge, and the owner Carolyn Michael had some of the cups. I bought one and received it right away (from Quebec!) in perfect condition. Here is the shop and a listing for a few more of the cups:

Now I have two perfect coffee cups to match my mod Flare plates and will enjoy having my short latte out of one when we’re in Redlands!

Two cups--Flare by Fairwood

Two cups–Flare by Fairwood