In The Kitchen

Here is a view of Mt. San Bernardino, framed by a triangle of window in the kitchen. It was just after Christmas when the snow level was unusually
low–an inspiring view to wake up to.


This is a view over the vintage, Colonial-style maple table I grew up with. The copper, farm-style fixture is also the original. I had it reworked by Hye Lighting, a great lighting and lighting repair store in Tarzana.


This is a print I really like, though it was packed away in the guest house throughout my childhood. I never remember seeing it until I cleaned out the house and guest house.


My theory–or maybe it’s more a fantasy–is that it belonged to my father’s side of the family, the Owens, and was perhaps one of the few things they kept when they sold Shady Lane Ranch in Holt County, Nebraska and moved their belongings to Loma Linda, California by truck and trailer in the early 50s.

I’m not even sure if it’s a print or a watercolor! If anyone can tell from this photo, let me know!



Redlands Sunset

I took these two photos as twilight began when we were at the house three weeks ago. The view up to the San Bernardino mountains is always sublime at that time of day (on a clear day). Mt. San Bernardino is the large peak to the left and Mt. San Gorgonio or “Greyback”–actually the tallest peak in southern California–is far at the back to the right.


A little later toward sunset, the view north out over the valley and up Cajon Pass is inspiring too. Sad, but the layer of smog does make the sunset colors more dramatic — it actually looks like a mai-tai, doesn’t it?