Here are two elaborate dovecotes I saw on a couple of other storybook ranch homes in Encino.



Look how tall the dovecotes rise above the roof, especially in the top photo. Quite the decorative touch for a modest and attractive house!

Look also at the rafter tails extending past the eaves on the top house. Such a lovely touch and very typical of the storybook ranch design.

The sweet feature in the second house is the bank of diamond-pane windows. They are so inset and the panes so small that, if I’m not mistaken, the style leans toward Tudor. (Think Stratford-upon-Avon!)


Storybook Ranch Homes, La Sierra




The yellow home on Sierra Vista at the top has fairly pronounced storybook details–see the heavy shake roof and trim–of the many I’ve seen around Southern California.

It also has lovely diamond-pane windows on the other side, but I wasn’t able to get a picture of them without appearing too nosy!

What I particularly like in the second house, just a couple of blocks away, is the dovecote under the eaves.

I think there’s something about birdhouses that feels homey or cozy to us. I imagine it’s because where there’s a birdhouse, by extension, there’s a nest.

If the house has a design that signals that birds are welcome and safe there, I think our unconscious association is that anyone living in such a house will be warm and safe too.