50s Cowboy Fun

I found this neat vintage advertising image from the 50s on Tumblr. One expects Roy Rogers, Gene Autry to come riding into the picture any minute too!That reminded me of how I used to wait for the Roy Rogers TV show to come on after Disney’s (original) Mickey Mouse Club show when I was quite little.

Of course I was excited about it because of the horses! I thought Trigger was very elegant–nothing like the small gray Shetland I was riding! (Though wasn’t I lucky to have him!)


Roy Rogers - Shriner visited the CNE in1954

Roy Rogers – Shriner visited the CNE in1954 (Photo credit: antefixus21)

Biography (TV series)

Biography (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1955: ROY ROGERS & TRIGGER CAMERA. Herbert Geo...

1955: ROY ROGERS & TRIGGER CAMERA. Herbert George Co. Chicago, Illinois. USA (Photo credit: Coleccionando Camaras)

gene autry paint book

Gene Autry paint book (Photo credit: emma.maria)

English: Gene Autry starring in the movie &quo...

Gene Autry starring in the movie “The Black Rider” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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A Lassie Coloring Book, circa 1965


I found this in a box while going through the things I’d saved during the major clean-out of the house.


Lassie was one of my favorite shows as a child because of the beautiful dog. Like so many other kids at the time, it made me want a collie because I thought they were kind, intelligent, and beautiful. And I did get a collie, a somewhat rare white one, with sable markings on the head, for my seventh birthday.


Frosty was unfortunately hit by a car after I’d had him for about three years. Then, instead of getting a traditional sable and white collie (like Lassie’s color), I got a blue merle (silver, black, and tan coloring over a white base coat, plus one blue eye).



English: Blue Merle Rough Collie Show Stack

English: Blue Merle Rough Collie Show Stock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once I started looking through the pictures of my old Lassie coloring book, I remembered many of them. I probably worked on it when I was 5.


I’ll spare you any photos of the pages inside because the coloring looks like, well, a five year-old’s!


Vintage Pencil Box and Holder, circa 1967

Here’s another blast from my past. I can’t remember if I actually used these in elementary school, mid-60s, but here they are again out of deep storage. Now that I’m older, I love these simple pieces for their design, and of course for the mod orange and yellow colors — my mother’s favorites.

The pencil holder and box are sitting on a desk that my parents probably got in the late 50s. It’s now in the kids’ bedroom. Steve repainted the desk in its original daffodil yellow. Steve, by the way, is the fabulous property manager at Tiger Tail Terrace. He’s a jack-of-all-trades and he has the decorating gene. He’s the person who oversaw all the earlier remodeling, managed the two estate sales, sold my dad’s remaining antique cars, and finessed endless other jobs large and small.

Thanks for everything, Steve!

I’ll post a photo of the desk next time I’m out at the house . . . it’s very cute!

Vintage pencil box and holder

Lasso ’em Bill holster Set


I found this old box when I was sorting through the things I’d saved during the major clean-out of the house. Alas, the holster is gone, but the box is in good shape. Come to think of it, it was probably my cousin Kenny’s. How did he end up with the holster, and I with the box? Or maybe it was mine–when I was 4 and 5, I had a little cowboy hat I never liked to take off, even to sleep, so maybe the holster was mine . . . to complete the outfit!

Inside the box, what I did find were letters and vintage kids’ birthday cards from the early 60s. The cards are cute — and probably somebody somewhere collects them — but I can’t save everything without becoming . . . my parents!