Storybook Ranch Homes, La Sierra




The yellow home on Sierra Vista at the top has fairly pronounced storybook details–see the heavy shake roof and trim–of the many I’ve seen around Southern California.

It also has lovely diamond-pane windows on the other side, but I wasn’t able to get a picture of them without appearing too nosy!

What I particularly like in the second house, just a couple of blocks away, is the dovecote under the eaves.

I think there’s something about birdhouses that feels homey or cozy to us. I imagine it’s because where there’s a birdhouse, by extension, there’s a nest.

If the house has a design that signals that birds are welcome and safe there, I think our unconscious association is that anyone living in such a house will be warm and safe too.


A Lassie Coloring Book, circa 1965


I found this in a box while going through the things I’d saved during the major clean-out of the house.


Lassie was one of my favorite shows as a child because of the beautiful dog. Like so many other kids at the time, it made me want a collie because I thought they were kind, intelligent, and beautiful. And I did get a collie, a somewhat rare white one, with sable markings on the head, for my seventh birthday.


Frosty was unfortunately hit by a car after I’d had him for about three years. Then, instead of getting a traditional sable and white collie (like Lassie’s color), I got a blue merle (silver, black, and tan coloring over a white base coat, plus one blue eye).



English: Blue Merle Rough Collie Show Stack

English: Blue Merle Rough Collie Show Stock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once I started looking through the pictures of my old Lassie coloring book, I remembered many of them. I probably worked on it when I was 5.


I’ll spare you any photos of the pages inside because the coloring looks like, well, a five year-old’s!