The living-room freshly painted, with new hardwood floors!


More 60s-era pieces

Another storybook ranch in Encino


Now that I’m thinking regularly about storybook ranch homes, I see them everywhere I go around the San Fernando Valley and the Westside of L.A. There were a few especially nice ones I’ve always noticed, but now I see them constantly. Many are very “mid-century modest,” as Pam Kueber of Retro Renovation calls them, and so don’t stand out. But they are there! Btw, here’s a link to her “Mid-Century Modest Manifesto”–

I’ll post any photos to give an idea of the variety of looks (and various types of ‘upgrades’) these houses have. Some of the cutest ones I’ve seen are painted barn red, and in a future post, I’ll put up pictures of some in my SF Valley neighborhood. The barn-red houses look especially good with the invariably white, almost gingerbread trim.

Another view of the kitchen windows, with original copper light fixture I had rebuilt.

I’ve always loved the diamond pane windows, as well as the Dutch door leading into the kitchen. That door is divided in half so that the top half can be opened while the bottom half stays closed. (I’ll take a photo of it next time I’m out at the house.) I especially loved that  door because it reminded me of stall doors in a barn–a storybook ranch style barn, that is–and was one horse-crazy girl (still am).

Does anyone remember the TV show “Mr. Ed”? In my memory, Mr. Ed’s barn was in the storybook ranch style, but I can’t remember what the house looked like. I’ll have to look up an old episode to see if it was a storybook ranch too!